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   Age groups: U14,U16 and U19 Boys and Girls

   REC Program Features

  Team Formation- There are no tryouts for Recreational soccer. Teams are formed by Clovis Unified High Schools Districts. Usually, there are multiple teams in each school districts, and there are times that players from multiple schools may be on a team.  Depending on registration numbers. We have develop a "first come, first served" system, meaning the earlier you register the better chance that you have on getting on your districts teams.

   Practices-  Recreational practices usually begin in August for Fall ball and March for Spring ball. Practices are 60-90 minutes, 1-2 days per week, depending on the coaches availability.

   Games- A 8 to 10 game season begins in September for the fall season, and in March for the Spring season. Games can be on Saturday or Sundays. Normally U14s play on Saturdays. All Holidays are recognized, and usually don't play on these days, but for certain reasons may.

   Standings- FC Clovis plays in a local Traveling House and may compete with teams outside of CJSL, but within District 7. All awards come from District 7

   Player Registration- To play in Recreational soccer, registration must be completed for each player. No further action is necessary to be placed on a team. To start the Registration process, please go to the Online Registration tab on the home page of this website.

   Player Requests- Because of the size of our program, FC Clovis we try our best to accommodate all players, but at times, we cannot accommodate all requests. The only way to be guarantee a spot on a certain team is for the parent/guardian to be part of the coaching staff. (Each team may have one head coach, two assistants and one team manager)

   Coach Registration- All Rec.  Head and Assistants and team managers must complete the Coaches Registration, in addition to completing  the background check.