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Club History

FC CLOVIS started as a “CJSL Teen Playing Program” administered by Paul & Gloria Dorris in approx. 2002. During formational years, the Program was managed as an “in-house League” by hosting CJSL with doors open to other surrounding Leagues who had no formal infrastructure, but who had teams or kids who wanted to play. As the program grew beyond the beyond the size manageable by it’s founders, a dedicated group of Coaches stepped up to help transition the Playing Program to a fully recognized Club under the umbrella of CJSL. The “playing program” was highly successful at a State (Founder’s Cup) Tournament level, and in order to address the impasse of what to call this new Club, Mr. Dorris and the new Directors awarded the task to our Champions. Our Teen Players submitted suggestions and ballots and thus Futbol Club Clovis (FC Clovis) was born in 2007.
The Club elected to incorporate as a stand alone non-profit organization in 2008, and today is a fully self-sufficient operation with a Board of Directors, active fundraising and Sponsorship. Throughout this evolution, FC Clovis has maintained the focus of providing “the best soccer for the least money” and an open door to any greater Fresno Area player who has no home to play. This driving vision, carried over from the founding, along with State Tournament Performance, has contributed to FC Clovis being widely regarded as the most successful Teen Recreational Program in Cal-North, and the only fully teen dedicated Club available within CYSA District 7. FC Clovis has always been, and continues to be, dedicated to an “all play” philosophy. Teams are formed geographically on a 1st come / 1st served basis, without the use of tryout or selection process, by the rule and in the true spirit of “recreational soccer” as defined by Cal North.
Currently, FC Clovis plays in the Don Hawkins District 7 Recreational League against other greater Fresno Area teams, including intramural of same age/gender with own from the rivaling neighboring schools whose boundaries we organize through.
FC Clovis continues to be 100% volunteer staffed and coached.
FC Clovis’ affiliation with Clovis Junior Soccer League serves as the base of the League development pyramid for teens to continue their love for the sport while playing with their school friends, or those who want to develop skills to later explore the Competitive League offerings